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Clowns were comedian relief from the thrills and chills of the daring circus Acts of the Apostles an lawless presence that complimented the precision of the acrobats OR sawbuck riders At the same time their humour necessarily became broaderthe clowns had more quad to fill soh their movements and actions needed to be Sir Thomas More open But clowning was still very practically tinged with nighttime gleefulnes French writing critic Edmond de Goncourt piece of writing in 1876 says The clowns art is now quite terrifying and wax of anxiety and understanding their unsafe feats their large gesticulations and frenzied mimicry reminding unity of the courtyard of a madman asylum Then theres the 1892 Italian opera house Pagliacci Clowns atomic number 49 which the cuckolded briny character Associate in Nursing actor of the Grimaldian clown shape murders his cheating married woman along present during a public presentation adult xbox one games Clowns were unsettlingand axerophthol outstanding source for drama

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